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Basilur Magic Fruit Assorted Tea Book, 64g

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Served Straight from the lush mountain peaks where the finest tea leaves eagerly waits to be yours and basilur tea is another synonym to the expression of pure ceylon tea, which redefines the essence of quality, associated with the logo "ceylon tea". We serve nothing but the best, tantalizing your taste buds with our collection, which is what basilur tea strives for. Enjoy your favorite cup of tea while we tell you all about the exciting benefits we have in store for you. This collection possesses a rich, unique taste with an easy aroma from the famous tea regions of ceylon. The unique silhouette leaf container allows you to fully appreciate ceylon’s teas.
  • Presenting your favorite tea book with the option of tea bags
  • Basilur tea presents you with an assortment of your favorite magic fruits flavored black teas
  • Lemon and lime, exotic, strawberry and kiwi and raspberry and rosehip
  • Each book comes with 32 tea bags (8 sachets of each flavor)
  • Enjoy your perfect cuppa of tea

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