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Tiffany Deluxe Toffee, 700g

  • Rs.579
  • Brands Tiffany
  • Product Code: 6291003080692
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Tiffany is iffco's flagship brand of impulse foods such as biscuits, snacks, chocolates, confectionery, cakes and beverages, manufactured by tiffany foods and seville chocolates. In a highly competitive food and beverage market, tiffany has built a strong reputation as a brand that offers great value and quality. Today, tiffany has become synonymous with innovation, be it introduction of new products, attractive packaging designs or eye-catching in-store displays. Delicious taste, excellent quality and attractive price points are the key factors which have enabled tiffany to achieve success in several regional and international markets.
  • Tempting assortment of confectionery
  • Ideal for home consumption
  • Ideal for gifting your loved one
  • Just for snacking while on the move

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